One of the most valuable assets to anyone who is trying to make money online is a large and responsive e-mail list. Having a list of past customers or a list of leads that could potentially become customers can help you make a lot of money. Acquiring new customers is expensive. You either have to pay for advertising by doing media buys, pay per click, solo e-mail ads etc. or you have to hire someone to do search engine optimization for you. If you can build a large and responsive e-mail list you can market products and services to your list over and over again without repeatedly paying the cost of customer acquisition.

Some Tips on Building a List of Loyal Customers

To start building your e-mail list you will need to get some traffic to your blog. Getting initial traffic to your blog may cost you some money but like I mentioned above, once you start building your list you can market to your list and continue to make money for quite some time. One way to get people signed up to your list is to offer them something of value for free. You could offer them a free report that you deliver in the form of a PDF that they can download. Before they are allowed to download the PDF they have to enter their name and e-mail address.

If you're giving an item away for free to get people to sign up to your e-mail list, make sure you give them some quality information. Giving away quality information for free will help to build trust and loyalty with the people on your list. It also gives you a better chance of making a sale in the future. Your subscribers will think that if you are giving this kind of information away for free, the information you have for sale must be outstanding.

Once you have some subscribers on your list you can continue to build your list by doing joint ventures with other list owners. The way it works is you send out an e-mail to your list with a link to your partner's website and they do the same for you. Of course, any visitors that click through to your website should see a lead capture form possibly offering to give something away for free as discussed above.

If you don't want to give something away for free to get people signed up to your e-mail list you could sell a very inexpensive report. Your conversion rate won't be as high, meaning you won't get as many people signed up to your e-mail list with the same number of visitors to your site, but the good news is that you will be building a list of proven buyers. You will have a list of people who are not afraid to reach into their wallet and pull out their credit card.

These are just a few tips for building a large list of loyal customers and there are many others. I am going to be attending an Internet marketing seminar thanks to a promo code helping me to get a good rate on a hotel room and some frequent flyer miles I had burning a hole in my pocket. At this Internet marketing seminar I hope to learn some more tips for profiting with my blog and of course I will pass those tips onto my readers.